Crossfire  Gaming

Professional Esport's team.

Crossfire Gaming is a leading Gaming Team known for a pure dedication to gaming and virtual competition. Check out our site to learn what we’re all about, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.


All About Us

We’ve been dedicated gamers for years, but expanded and grew when Crossfire Gaming was founded. Since then, we’ve welcomed an impressive group of talented and dedicated players into our Gaming Team.


Our growing popularity stems from our level of commitment to each game and tournament, and our dedication to success. Our victories wouldn’t be possible without our passionate supporters and sponsors , who are always there to support us. Make sure you don’t miss us at our next competition and stream!

Crossfire Gaming Sponsors

Our Supporters

Everything genetic

Thank you to our sponsor, Everything genetic, for their dedicated and committed support. We’re so fortunate to be involved with such an important and generous sponsor. 

They offer a genetic testing service to help you identify whether you are at risk of developing common hereditary cancers and heart conditions: it means you can take control of your healthcare to detect any problems at an early stage – when they are most treatable.

If you have already been diagnosed, we have tests that can provide your clinician with a detailed analysis to help determine the most effective drugs and treatments for you!

 Check out their website to learn more.


What a thrill it is for us to partner with one of our favorite computer supplier. The champs at AWD-IT feel just as passionately about competitive eSports as we do.

They offer anything from single parts to custom computer builds at all ranges of prices! 

Check out there website and find a build for you!

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What streaming services do you use?

We use a custom version of Streamlabs OBS that gives us the ability to stream to the following all at once at full HD.

Does Crossfire Gaming  accept applications to join the team?

We will openly broadcast when we are wanting to expand and recruit another team and for what game any and all applications will be viewed at these times only.

Do you all play games with viewers?

Yes! 100% if we have a slot free and you want to jump in feel free but please note you must be respectful as you will be on stream.